Jamell feels that it is time for young adults to rise up and play a vital role in their schools, in their churches, and in their communities. His passion for service has brought him to lead over thirteen organizations and always seeks to energize those close to him, engage with those with may disagree, and empower those without a voice. Throughout his experience, Jamells’ faith has served as a foundation for his mission and has motivated him to be a tool for good.

Put simply: Jamell is a young man of God who is highly energetic, humorous and charismatic– qualities he says he got from his mother. He likes to cook, travel, spending time with his friends and family. Jamell believes that you can have fun while making a difference in people’s lives. Jamells’ personal mantra– change begins with one, and therefore it begins with me– reinforces his life’s purpose as a catalyst for change. Jamell wants the work that he does for God, the work that he does for the people, and the uniqueness of his character speak for him.

He believes that together, we will make New York City’s 41st Council District, a district of distinction and a model for all of Brooklyn, all of New York, and the country.

Jamell Henderson was born in 1985 to the late Warren Henderson and the late Nancy J. Benjamin in Brooklyn and has called it home ever since. Growing up he learned the principles of leadership from his father and the value of generosity through his mother. Jamell spent 8 years in the NYC Foster Care System until successfully aging out at age 21, and is proud to call his foster mother, the late Betty Robinson, “grandmother.”

Jamell has been a member of Bridge Street AME Church since 1998 when his grandmother introduced him, and he has since grown to be leader in the church and community. Having graduated from Borough of Manhattan Community College, Brooklyn College, and Baruch College, he considers the CUNY community a dear part of his life and an extended family. His education in business administration, political science, and public affairs have further focused his desire to make life better for his fellow Brooklynites.

Jamell began his path towards City Council upon President Barack Obama’s advice that if you want something changed, get organized and that if you’re disappointed, you should run. However, Jamell’s roots in public service, exceptional leadership, and youth development are much deeper. He has served as a senior member of the Ernesto Malave Leadership Academy, completed the 2015 SOMOS Internship Program while assigned to Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, served as co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee of the CUNY University Student Senate, and graduated from the National Urban Fellows Graduate Program during which he served a 9-month mentorship under two Indianapolis mayors, Gregory Ballard and Joe Hogsett. Jamell currently acts as President of the Young People 4 Young People, a non-for-profit organization focusing on providing advocacy and leadership to young people inside and outside of foster care, and is a proud member of the New York Urban League Young Professionals. Jamell has previously served twice as a member of Community Board 8.