BC Alumnus to Run for City Council

A Brooklyn College alumnus began a campaign hoping to earn a position as a Brooklyn city councilmember and try his hand at city government.

If elected to city council, Jamell Henderson, 31, born in East Flatbush and resident of the NYCHA Kingsborough Houses in Crown Heights, will be representing District 41 – which covers Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, East Flatbush and Crown Heights.

Henderson received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Brooklyn College in 2015, before moving on to earn a master’s from Baruch in Public Administration and participated in the National Urban Fellows program, a program that introduces college graduates to public service and local government.

“I try to tell people that if you have the passion to serve because you are a person who has directly seen or witnessed what has been going on in your community, and you feel strong and confident that you can change that; then don’t ever be afraid to stand up and challenge the machine,” said Henderson. “People are looking for new, innovative leaders. They’re not looking for the same old, same old. They’re looking for people who have a mindset that’s independent. A person who puts the people first, instead of themselves.”

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