Jamell Henderson stands with student and elected leaders to speak out against the Excelsior Scholarship

Assemblyman Charles Barron and City Councilwoman Inez Barron, along with several education activists, called out Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the hypocrisy of his recent tuition-free education initiative.

At a news conference on the steps of City Hall, Assemblyman Barron called Cuomo a “fraud” for signing off on the new Excelsior Scholarship and also raising tuition for New York CUNY/SUNY students.

“TAP and Pell [grants] pay for 180,000 students out of the 900,000 SUNY/CUNY students,” said Barron. “The Excelsior Scholarships will only be for 32,000 students, so at max 210,000 students will have their tuition paid for while 690,000 students have to pay tuition and the $200 hike each year for four years. Governor, really?”

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